Perhaps you recently heard that Spotify Premium users are now eligible to receive a free Google Home Mini. The promo has Spotify Premium customers in Canada super excited... well, most Spotify Premium customers.

There are a select few that are a little less than stoked about the promo, as they've been thoroughly left out. People who are currently subscribed to a Premium for Family account have not been included in the promo, meaning they are not privy to a free Google Home Mini.

The outrage is understandable when you realize that people on the Family plan actually pay $5 more than regular Premium users.

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TL;DR Spotify Premium users that are subscribed to the Family account are speaking out about their exclusion from the Free Google Home Mini deal being offered right now until May 9th.

To add insult to injury, it seems that Spotify Premium users in other countries are eligible to claim the free Google Home Mini if they are on the family plan. It's only Canadian families that are still left out of the deal. 

Understandably, Canadian families are confused and feeling let down that they aren't able to take advantage of this sweet free gift.

So far, Spotify Canada has yet to respond to questioning customers, though I have a good feeling they will have to honour this deal to their Family Plan customers eventually.

Especially if they are already doing so for those customers in other countries.

Stay posted to MTL Blog, as we will be sure to update you if this deal changes and Family Plan users are able to claim their free Google Home Mini.

In the meantime... maybe you just switch your Family account to a solo account for a month to cash in? Just kidding.

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