A video posted to Facebook went viral this weekend, prompting a slew of copycats. The video shows a father throwing a slice of cheese at his toddler. The toddler appears unfazed, though a little annoyed, by the ordeal. Adults, on the hand, found it hilarious.

Many people who saw the video recreated it in their own homes. The #cheesechallenge has since exploded, blessing us with adorable videos of confused babies.

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TL;DR The new "cheese trend" is all over Twitter and the reactions are absolutely hilarious.

Some people are outraged by the newest trend, arguing that this is a form of child abuse. I would counter that this doesn't seem like a particularly painful or embarrassing ordeal. Parents need to have a little fun.

The most #relatable babies are the ones who peel the cheese slice off their face and eat it:

Other babies are just unfortunately confused:

These hilarious videos also deserve a mention:

Who says you need a baby to participate?

I love the responsible dog owner who won't let their dog eat that processed garbage stuff.

My personal favourite? This one:

So there you have it. Is this funny to you? Personally, I think this is hilarious, and I can't imagine that any babies were actually harmed in making these videos.

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