This $22,000,000 Quebec "Castle" Has Been On The Market For Months And Nobody Wants To Buy It (Photos) - MTL Blog

This $22,000,000 Quebec "Castle" Has Been On The Market For Months And Nobody Wants To Buy It (Photos)

It's the second most expensive home for sale in Canada through the luxury Engel & Völkers real estate agency.

Usually, when an enchanting home or breathtaking mansion is put up for sale, it's swept off the market almost instantly. When that giant house happens to be in Quebec, well, it gains even more attention for being extremely rare.

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TL;DR Mario Lemieux's $22M "castle" in Quebec's Mont-Tremblant region has been on the market for over four months, due to past offers not showing enough seriousness as well as the process to sell such a large property taking at least six months or more. The luxury mansion has over 50 rooms on 5.24 acres. Photos are below.

A few months ago NHL superstar Mario Lemieux put his $22M Quebec "castle" on the market. The house is incredible. With eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 50 rooms in total, and it's very own mini-house next door with two additional bedrooms, this paradise would expectedly be off the market within minutes.

Via Engel & Völkers

To sweeten the deal, the mansion is located just outside of the Mont-Tremblant ski resort. There are also 17 fireplaces, a secret wine cellar, gym, and spa.

So, why has no one purchased it yet?

Via evcanada

Via evcanada

Via evcanada

Well, it seems to be a bit complicated. There has been a bit of interest in the property, but Lemieux's realtors believe the offers they've received weren't serious enough.

Although both inquiries on the luxury castle offered the exact asking price, deals this big can take up to six months to confirm and complete.

Via evcanada

Via evcanada

As of now, the Chateau Fleur de Lys has been on the market for over four months. 

Thankfully, Lemieux isn't too concerned with the long process of selling his multi-million dollar home. In fact, it's said that he'll be spending the holidays with family in the Mont-Tremblant area residence. 

Via evcanada

Via evcanada

As the second most expensive home in Canada through Engel & Völkers real estate, the house has the whole country is impatiently waiting for news about its sale.


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