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Tobacco Companies Ordered To Pay $15,000,000,000 To Smokers In Quebec

This has been deemed a "landmark ruling."

According to CTV News, a court in Quebec has just upheld a ruling that orders three large tobacco companies to pay billions of dollars to smokers in the province, especially those that became ill as a result of tobacco products.

A class action lawsuit filed in 2015 alleged that the companies, Imperial Tobacco, JTI-Macdonald, and Rothmans-Benson & Hedges, failed to inform consumers of health risks, according to le Journal de Montréal.

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TL;DR A judge has upheld a previous ruling on a class action lawsuit. Tobacco companies will have to pay $15,000,000,000 to affected smokers in Quebec.

Several outlets have called this a "landmark decision." Though how, exactly, the tobacco companies will distribute these reparations is so far unclear.

The time frame for these payments is also not certain. It is possible that the companies will again appeal the decision, this time to the Supreme Court of Canada, further delaying any possible payments.

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This is a developing story and updates are sure to come.

This is the second big news from Canadian class action lawsuits this week. 

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Otherwise, March 1st is officially the last day that consumers who purchased CRT software or televisions between 1995 and 2007 can claim reparations as a result of a class action suit against the company.

Consumers can claim $20 without proof of purchase and may be entitled to more with proof of purchase. Read more here.

Stay tuned for updates 

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