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Canada's 10 Most Wanted Criminals

Keep your eyes peeled!

Canada is one of the safest developed countries in the world. Its famously low crime rate has made it the envy of the Western Hemisphere, especially in contrast to its crime-ridden neighbour to the south.

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But Canada has had its fair share of shocking, sometimes grizzly crime. 

Listed below are the 10 fugitives currently featured on the website of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. All information comes directly from offical descriptions of each suspect.

If you spot one of these individuals, the RCMP emplores you not to approach them. Instead, head to a safe area and leave a tip at 1-800-222-8477.


10. Ton Ngo

Ngo stabbed and killed his friend his friend while robbing him two years ago in Toronto. The RCMP considers him "armed, dangerous, and violent." 


9. Anthony Roxburgh

From Ontario, Roxburgh trapped his victim for one week and sexually assaulted them repeatedly. 


8. Michael Gibson

Two years ago, Gibson shot and killed another man outside a Toronto bar. He has been on the run ever since. 


7. Gregory Pictou

Pictou is wanted for a grizzly murder he committed over thirty years ago. He stabbed his victim over fifty times, slit his throat, partially mummified him, and stored him in a basement. Pictou has been hiding out somewhere in Canada for decades.


6. Chieko Teton

While on a family vacation in Japan five years ago, Teton abducted her child while her husband was in the shower. 


5. Akil Whyte

Last year, Whyte shot a man sitting in a car in Toronto. According to the RCMP, Whyte has connections in the GTA and police have focused their search there.


4. Ali Mohamed

Mohamed shot his victim at the height of a heated argument earlier this year. He likely fled Canada for Djibouti and remains in east Africa.


3. Billy Ducharme

Ducharme was serving three years for sexual assault when, after being leaving the prison on "statutory release" in January 2018, he disappeared. He likely remains in the Winnipeg area.


2. Kenneth Funk

Funk was serving time for a robbery before escaping in April 2018 during a one-day parole. His whereabouts are unknown.


1. Jamie Goodin

Goodin also violated the terms of his temporary release. He as serving five years for reckless driving and an accident leading to the death of two other drivers. He is likely in the vicinity of Prince Albert in Saskatchewan.



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