There's only one thing better than playing video games with your friends, and that's playing video games with your friend on a gigantic, movie theatre sized screen. No wait, scratch that, I just found something better.

This year, the École de Technologie Supérieure and McGill University are launching the first edition of the QI challenge. It will be the first video game tournament in Canada where players will be challenging each other on a giant outdoor projection.

On May 27th and 28th, video game fanatics will gather at the parking lot of the old Planetarium for the mega-projection gaming competition. There will also be kiosks on-site offering demo versions of upcoming games.

Imagine humiliating your friends as you completely wreck them in front of a massive crowd of onlookers - bragging rights take on a whole new meaning at that point.

More details will follow soon on QI challenge's event page

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