The American presidential campaign is almost over, and many Americans are getting nervous.

Many of them are considering the idea of moving to Canada, so in order to help Americans choose the right province, several websites posted articles about average home prices and weather.

But one website decided to find out which province had the best odds of surviving a zombie apocalypse instead.

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After all, you don't want to leave everything behind and move to a province only to have you brains eaten.

The results were obtained by ranking each province according to:

  • Who has the least amount of people per square mile
  • Who has the most guns
  • Who cremates the most amount of people
  • Who has the most physically active population
  • Who has the most interest in zombies

Here's how each province ranked:

When you tally the score, the Yukon came out on top and Prince Edwards Island was dead last.

But when you think about it, what's the point of surviving the zombie apocalypse if you're stuck living in the Yukon?

Quebec may be low on the list, but that's for Quebec as a whole. Montreal on the other hand is probably the best city in Canada to survive.

Think about it. We're an island and we have the largest fleet of snow clearing equipment.

We actually wrote a whole article to prove it.

Those zombies don't stand a chance.

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