We all know that a relationship can't be taken seriously until it has stood the true test of love. The compatibility quiz. We all have spent time clicking through the bowels of the internet, participating in quiz after quiz to make sure your boo is really The One.

It's perfectly valid to end a relationship when your answers for the 'Which Disney Character Is Your Spirit Animal" quiz differ. It's an important question, and incompatible answers foretell a disastrous end to your union. Totally reasonable.

Clearly, Carey Price's and Brandon Prust's SO's share similar views, because on the day our MTL Blog quiz was released, the two lovely ladies just so happened to stumble upon it and decided to test it out. Thinking they had it in the bag, they took the "Which Montreal Canadiens Player Should You Date?" quiz but were a little surprised with the results.

Sorry fellas, we would like to offer our condolences. No matter how deep your love, the quiz has spoken, and nothing tests the finality of the internet quiz. Nothing.

Take the "Which Montreal Canadiens Player Should You Date?" quiz HERE.

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