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Winter is coming to an end and all the beauty of spring is about to return to Montreal. The only problem is that nature is taking way too long and I'm tired of getting excited at the sight of some dead yellow grass peaking though the snow. Thankfully there's a small spring haven you can visit if you're like me, and you're also sick and tired of the dull grey hue that envelops the city at this time of year.

The Architect and Landscaper association of Quebec is hosting a gardening and landscaping exposition. The Grande Place of the Desjardin Complex has been transformed to welcome 6 spring gardens that each reflect their own essential aspects of architectural and landscaping practices. There will be places to stroll, sit, relax and even draw. The gardens are open to visitors until Friday April 10th.

For More Info Click Here.

Jardins sur mesure - Lumière sur l'architecture de paysage from MAX ST-GERMAIN on Vimeo.

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