Concordia University's Greenhouse Is Having An EPIC Seedling Sale

Over 4,000 heirloom veggies, herbs and a whopping 140 varieties of flowers for as low as $1.

Hello plant-lovers of Montreal, have I got a treat for you! If you're all about locally grown food and over-flowing backyard gardens, then get ready to go crazy! The Concordia Greenhouse is having its end of school seedling sale on May 15th and 16th!

Basking in the success of their previous plant escapades, the Concordia Greenhouse is at it again. You can expect over 4,000 heirloom veggies, herbs and a whopping 140 varieties of flowers! This sale is great for those of y'all who are on a budget (so all of you) because prices range from $1-$30 for seedlings and house plants.

New to the growing game? They will also be selling compost, soil and growing kits for sprouts and mushrooms. Everything is produced naturally and locally by the City Farm School Interns at the Concordia Greenhouse, which is a petty cool place if you're interested in getting involved, attending workshops, or just want a new place to get your study on.

P.S. If you're planning on attending this event, GO EARLY! They sell out fast!

Check out the Facebook Event for all the details.


Photo cred - chiot's run

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Hannah Korbee


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