Many Ariana Grande fans are definitely obsessed, and the singer can't do much without having her every gesture and sentence over-analysed. From the "BBQ grill" tattoo that went viral for all of the wrong reasons to in-depth analyses of her music videos, fans clock it all.

The chart-topping singer/songwriter has been in the spotlight recently for a partnership with Startbucks. Her "Iced Cloud Macchiatos in Caramel and Cinnamon" were released last week, and fans have been relentlessly ordering the "Grande" version of the drink.

However, some fans have noted one small problem with the drink: it's not vegan, despite the fact that Ariana Grande herself has supposedly been vegan for years.

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TL;DR Fans are upset that Ariana Grande's new drink isn't vegan, because the star is supposedly on a vegan diet herself.

Ariana Grande revealed in a tweet back in 2013 that she was officially going to start following a strictly vegan diet.

Fans where therefore confused when Ariana posted this photo in which she is pictured wearing the recognisable green Starbucks apron and slurping on her new drink:

(side note: didn't Starbuck ban plastic straws? Those straws kind of look like the re-usable kind but it's not clear)

Starbucks themselves state that the drink contains egg white:

Furthermore, the caramel drizzle is made with condensed milk. Therefore, even if fans take Ariana's suggestion to try it with a non-dairy milk, the drink still wouldn't be vegan.

Fans of Grande were quick to notice the contradiction between the drink's ingredients and Ariana's diet:

However,  one fan did note that it is possible to order the drink without the non-vegan ingredients. Though, at that point, it just becomes milky sugar...

Some are just taking this as confirmation that Ariana isn't actually vegan:

This seems like a lot of hate for some egg whites.

Even stars make mistakes, you know? #bbqgrill.

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