People have been talking a lot about Black Mirror's feature movie length episode Bandersnatch, because this "choose your own adventure" series on Netflix is the first of its kind, and it's completely ground breaking.  

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Once you actually watch it, you will quickly realize the insane complexity and work that goes into conceptualizing, creating, and executing a "choose your own adventure" show. 

Fans are anticipating that the entire 5th season of Black Mirror, which may be released later later than expected, will also feature more "choose your own adventure" content.

That said, Netflix has always been clever with their social media accounts; if you don't already follow Netflix on Twitter and Instagram, I high recommend it.

One of their Twitter account @NetflixFilm, just released a series of tweets that uses the polling feature to create another "choose your own adventure" story. 

Netflix sets the scene, the story is about a guy called "Alex" who is on his way to drama camp as councelor, only to find out an incident occured where one person has died. 

You even help with the casting of the story...

First you get to know the characters a little better.

The story then really gets going...

And the Tweets continue with even more options to push the story forward.

Things go on for awhile, and get pretty suspensful.

Netflix wants you to decide who the killer is...

And teases for the big reveal...

In total there are about 65 Tweets that tell the entire story. Check them all out HERE, they are also pinned at the top of the @NetflixFilm's Twitter profile.


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