It has been reported recently that trolls and abusers have been targeting Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle online, making offensive comments about the two women. With the help of the Instagram team, Royal officials are scrambling to scour Instagram and social media comments, removing any that are deemed as "offensive."

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TL;DR Trolls and abusers have been targeting Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle online spreading hateful, racist, sexist comments, and even threat of violence. In response, the U.K. press is urging the public to think twice before posting something nasty and hurtful online. 

The abuse has escalated to the point where even racist comments are thrown around, and threats of violence are being made.

According to a Royal correspondents, this rise in negative media attention towards the royal sisters-in-law is a result of the media's portrayal of their mutual feuding. 

A story of hostility and conflict between the two has been painted by the media over the past few months, and people are now taking sides.

The comments appear to be particularly sexist; comparing the women in terms of the physical appearance and/or dress. These are comments you would rarely hear made about men. For example, she is walking funny, or her heels are too high, or her legs are too skinny. 

In response to the rise in hateful comments, U.K.-based publication Hello! magazine has started a "kindness" campaign to raise awareness about how damaging online abuse can actually be. They are urging the public to think twice before posting something vulgur or nasty.

The good news is the "Hello to kindness" initiative seems to be quickly spreading, people are already catching on and using the #hellotokindness to express their support of the campaign and its powerful message.

This is just the latest turn in an ongoing story about the Duchess of Sussex's strained relationship with the public and press. She has received even more attention and criticism from British tabloids than the Duchess of Cambridge. Markle has also garnered an enthusiastic fan base that inflates conflicts in order to defend their idol.

Stay tuned for more news about the Duchess of Sussex.



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