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The 'Harry Potter' Movies Are Now On Netflix Canada And Americans On Twitter Are Extremely Jealous

Four is better than none, that's for sure.

If you somehow missed the big news, the last four Harry Potter films were just uploaded to Netflix Canada.

So you can officially use our terrible and cold weather to your advantage, curl up under the covers with some butterbeer, and binge the end of the saga of our favourite boy wizard.

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TL;DR Canadian Netflix just got the last four Harry Potter films and fans in the U.S. are kind of ticked, to put it nicely.

Earlier this month, Netflix Canada dropped the news on Twitter.

They weren't shy about it, either, and kind of rubbed it in the States' face.

I mean, I don't blame them, but as an HP lover... I felt the sting of that burn.

Everyone in Canada has been totally stoked.


Like I said, the weekend is upon us and the time for binging has never been better.

Most of the tweets about it are shouts of joy from Canadians and other countries that have been waiting for this day.

But it didn't go unnoticed by our American neighbours...

There are distribution rights to consider with films as large as the one in the Harry Potter franchise so we won't be getting all eight films in Canada.

But at least we've got some of them. Because down south, they don't have it so lucky.

They obviously aren't just mad cause it's us that got them, though. Because other countries are getting called out, too.

It's the principle of the thing!

And clearly, Harry Potter is something worth denouncing your citizenship over.

I'm a lover of the Wizarding World, so I get where they're coming from.

The films are pretty much an annual staple for me around Christmastime.

So, I also totally understand why people are a little peeved that we're only getting the first four.

Like this Canon Queen below says, we must teach the youth!

Now that I know all eight films are available in Australia and Spain...

Maybe I'm going to have to move, too.

Even France needed to chime in once more, to make sure we knew that while we're over here feeling superior to the States, they're over in Europe feeling superior to all of us.

What else is new?

Does Netflix derive some kind of sick pleasure from torturing us all with just enough Harry Potter to entice us, but not enough to give us the whole story?!

I'm sure the distribution snafus will be sorted out quickly enough.

And if you can't wait, why not move to a more progressive, HP-appreciating Netflix region?!

Seems appropriate to me...



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