Family Guy came to play this weekend with a super politically-charged episode that pulled all the punches. 

In the episode, Peter Griffin and Donald Trump have an extensive fist fight that is inevitably broken up by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau... and the Twitter reactions have been priceless.

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TL;DR The most recent Family Guy episode was dedicated to mocking Donald Trump and featured a majestic cameo by Justin Trudeau. Check out some videos and Twitter reactions to the show below.

Trump was on Family Guy last night and it seems that the show has found new life by going in on Trump.

While some people's reaction might be: "Family Guy is still on??" It seems that this episode is a standout, if people's reactions on Twitter are any indication.

In true Family Guy style
, this episode gives the people exactly what they want: Peter Griffin beating the crap out of a cartoon Donald Trump.

Plus... aren't we all Peter Griffin giving a gentle kiss to a trampled portrait of President Obama?

Maybe Trump will respond in one of his characteristic Twitter rants.

The brilliance of Family Guy has always been its ability to make fun of things we, as an ethical public, feel it's maybe wrong to make jokes about.

Sometimes we need comedy to highlight the absurdity of real life and Family Guy has always known how to deliver that in spades.

While I'm sure Trump supporters were livid with this episode, most of the reactions I saw on Twitter were beyond positive.

People who seemed to have lost faith in Family Guy are now claiming this is one of the best episodes in recent years.

In the episode, the Griffins move to Washington where Peter becomes Trump's new White House Press Secretary.

Things take a turn for the worse when Peter finds Trump sexually harassing Meg.

They did a hilarious job of depicting Trump in all his orange-skinned, wispy-haired, tiny-hand glory.

Then, the episode takes a turn for the better...

When Trudeau comes to the rescue.

Listen to that accent! Whatever your feelings about Trudeau, this cameo is definitely hilarious.

In fact, for some people, the Trudeau cameo was the best part of the episode.

And most Canadians were pretty pleased to see themselves represented in the episode through our "handsome Canadian Prime Minister," Justin Trudeau.

Especially because in this cartoon reality, Trudeau saves the day.

Plus, he looks so majestic soaring away on those two Canada geese.

Though, personally, I've gotta call out Seth MacFarlane for that one, because I highly doubt a Canada goose would ever be trained for that kind of work... just think of all the biting.

I sincerely hope Justin Trudeau starts saying "Trudeau, away!" when leaving all future public events.


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