There is no place more hectic in the world than an airport. Frantic travelers rushing around with laser focus; all common decency and courtesy for other human beings flies right out the window. See what I did there.

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As a result of the hectic nature of airports sometimes hurried travelers lose of leave items behind by accident.

A lost bag may seem innocuous in some context, in an airport, however, an unidentified bag can potentially be a major threat to public safety.

This is exactly what happened at Montreal's international airport early this morning.

According to a re-Tweet by CTV News Montreal, a section of the  Trudeau airport was entirely evacuated due to a suspicious abandoned luggage being flagged down by one of the security dogs.

They even called in the bomb squad!

The story has been recent updates, and thankfully, no real threat was identified by officials. 

I feel sorry for the travelers who had to deal with the stress of being evacuated.

Thankfully, it happened overnight when airports are generally less busy.

This piece of news is almost ironic because just a few days ago, Montreal Trudeau Airport was ranked 9th in J.D. Power’s 2018 Airport Satisfaction Survey. 

Hopefully, this incident won't affect the airports overall ranking too much.


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