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Everyone's Talking About Canada's Sexiest Gold Winning Olympic Skaters

Will they or won't they?

The entire world wants Canada’s gold-winning Olympic skaters to hook-up

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are giving the world something to thirst over.

The Canadian duo helped Team Canada reach the first Gold Medal at this year's Olympic Games, but the world seems focused on something completely different - their relationship.

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It seems everyone, and their mom wants to see Virtue and Moir hookup and become Skating's new "It Couple" - ala Jamie Salé and David Pelletier circa 2002, who eventually did tie the knot and are now divorced.

Canada's current Gold Medal champions may have a professional relationship on the ice, but their steamy dance and programs tell a story that we're all lusting over.

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“It’s a special partnership,” Virtue said in a recent interview. “We still really enjoy skating together and I think that’s why we still are.” As to their on-ice chemistry, they insist that the connection that people see means that they’re doing the job right. “We’re always telling stories, we’re supposed to be reacting, a man and woman on the ice, it’s romantic. What we have is such a cool relationship,” said Moir. “It’s more about a friendship, our working relationship is so strong. We take so much pride in that.”

They skated to Roxanne from Moulin Rouge at this year's games and had already adjusted the program to be a little less, um, let's say suggestive.

Still, the world was watching and saw the undeniable chemistry as a clear indication that these two Canadian hotties belong together on the ice, and between the sheets.

Even SNL's Leslie Jones felt the heat between the pair while live-tweeting the event this weekend.

Leslie Jones says what we're all thinking. How, on earth, is it possible that these two are "just friends?"

I call shenanigans!

Just sleep together, already.

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