Yesterday there was a shootout in Montreal and people were freaking out. 

First of all, although people do get killed in Montreal, this isn't the kind of city where people get gunned down while sitting in their car, so naturally the story got a lot of attention.

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When the first report came out we barely had any details about what had happened, but now more information has been trickling in. Here's everything we know so far:

The man was shot while he was sitting inside a white Bentley convertible. 

He was not shot in the head, he was actually hit in the upper body and according to the latest reports he is clinging to life in the hospital. 

The shooting took place shortly before 1:30 PM on the corner of Belanger and Garnier in Rosemont. The street was busy at the time so there were a lot of people nearby who witnessed the incident. 

The street was closed between Lanaudière and Fabre as the police conducted their investigation. The perimeter was later re-opened at 10:30 pm. 

A weapon was found at the scene and witnesses claim they saw a suspect fleeing the area.  

Here is tweet describing the scene:

CTV has identified the victim as 39-year-old Samy Mokaddem, and according to them Mokaddem is currently facing multiple charges of intimidation, uttering threats as well as extortion. The police did not confirm if the shooting was related to organized crime.

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