Everything You Need To Know About BBC's All-New "Netflix Style" Streaming Service

So many British shows, so little time!

There is a new streaming service now available in Canada and it's getting a lot of attention. In fact you may have heard about it on the Radio this morning.

It's called BritBox and it's set to become one of Canada's most popular streaming service.

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What makes this service so unique? It's simple, BritBox gives you access to a the biggest streaming collection of British TV ever.

It has everything: Dramas, comedies, mysteries, documentaries, soaps, lifestyle and more. And of course it gives you access to all you favorite classic British TV shows like Doctor Who,  Torchwood, and Keeping Up Appearances.

You can also click here to see a list of their most popular shows.

Via BritBox

So how much does it cost? About the same as a Netflix subscription, $8,99 per month.

BritBox is already available online, and you can actually get a free 7-day trial in case you're not quite ready to commit.

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