Everything You Need To Know About Pierre-Antoine Harvey, Valerie Plante's Husband

Mystery solved.

When Donald Trump got Elected and everyone wanted to know about Melania, and now that Valerie Plante has officially become Montreal's first ever woman mayor, everyone wants to know about her husband Pierre-Antoine Harvey.

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After all he's Montreal's first ever "first husband" and he's no doubt going to be popping up in the news even more than he has in the last few weeks, so you might know who he is. 

Here's what we know so far: 

1. His name is Pierre-Antoine Harvey and he is currently working as an Economist for CSQ. 

2. He is a member of  l’IRIS, which is referred to as a left-wing think thank. 

3. He makes terrible jokes on Facebook. 

4. He seriously needs to change his profile photo

5. Even though they're married he still refers to his wife as his girlfriend

6. He met Valerie Plante met during a protest march.

7. He wants minimum wage to be $15 

8. Thankfully he decided to get ride of this haircut. 

Via youtube

9. Sadly he replaced it with this haircut.

Via facebook

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