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Everything You Need To Know About Quebec's Newest Olympic Gold Medalist

"I Knew What I Needed To Do To Win"

Lately, every morning I wake up to news about the happenings in PyeongChang's Winter Olympic Games. 

Like the rest of Canada I'm excited to see our team of athletes bring home those models and make their mark on Olympic history. 

Quebec's own Mikael Kingsbury is Canada's newest Golden boy, taking home the top prize in Men's Moguls this Winter Games with an incredible score of 86.63. 

Kingsbury admitted to the CBC after the race that he was nervous before his first run, but found his groove as the day went on.

"I was just trying to get to the bottom," he said.

I've rounded up some fun facts about Mikael Kingsbury, our newest Gold Medal Olympic Champion.

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Kingsbury is referred to as "The King" 

He's only 25, but his impressive track record has given him the label of "the King" in Men's Moguls. He cemented his name in history as the world's most dominant freestyle skier, a 6-time winner of the Crystal Globe as the overall World Cup Champion, Silver Medallist at the 2014 Olympic Games. No wonder he's referred to as royalty.

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He's got a philanthropic streak too

Kingsbury is an ambassador for Breakfast Club of Canada in Québec. He has also volunteered with KidSport and helped raise awareness of mental health among Canadian children.

Learned how to Ski when he was only 4 years old

Mikael Kinsbury was taught how to ski at the young age of 4, and took lessons from his mom! Heartwarming to see this talent grown from within the love of family.

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Kingsbury loves his hot sauce

He puts hot sauce on everything, and I mean everything.

He has a park named after him

In honour of his Silver medal win at the Sochi Winter Games, he was honoured with his own park in hometown Deux-Montagnes, Quebec.

He can be a little superstitious

Kingsbury continues to wear the same boxers, and same tee shirt when he competes, that reads - "It's Good to be King." 

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At just 9 years old, he made his own picture of the Olympic rings, with a note saying he will be a gold medal champion.

The picture is still there to this day, and can finally be retired from hanging above his bed now that he has secured himself along the greats at this year's Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang.

Congratulations, Mikael Kingsbury!

Quebec, and the world loves you, buddy!

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