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Find Out Which Montreal Festivals Will Allow You To Smoke Pot This Summer

Will all the marijuana legalization efforts even matter?

Festival season has been unleashed in Montreal, and while the programming is starting to come out - our new legalization of Marijuana in Canada has raised many questions. 

Thoughts about the use of marijuana on various festival sites are beginning to come forward. 

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Will you be allowed to consume it in the streets? On the Festival sites? How will this impact your festival experience?

"We will not be able to ban it everywhere. It is currently illegal and sometimes in festivals it has a nauseating odor that I will not name and that I will not customize, "said Minister Lucie Charlebois.

Regarding music festivals, currently, federal government mentions on its website that by law, provinces can establish additional restrictions, such as the restriction of places we can consume and ways to consume it in general.

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In Bill 157 to the Quebec Cannabis Society, Quebec is already addressing the issue. It will be "forbidden to smoke cannabis in tents, marquees, terraces and sports grounds ... including areas frequented by minors".

 "It would be more advantageous for each city, each municipality can determine places of consumption in the public square," said Minister Lucie Charlebois, author of the bill.

Currently, Quebec plans to allow the use of cannabis in public places, but some municipalities want to ban it. Source: Radio-Canada.

It could be very easy to frame the use of cannabis like that of cigarettes. Smoking is tolerated in many places, and sometimes festival organizers encourage smokers to go to specified sections. It is believed the same could be done for the use of cannabis.

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It remains to be seen how this will impact the Montreal festival season, and exactly which festivals will have different standards set on the issue.

But, let's be honest - essentially every festival you attend in Montreal has the faint sweet fragrant smell of weed in the air. 

How will this even be enforced? If you can not smoke legal marijuana in festival areas occupied by children - what about the cigarette smokers? 

I think its time to reinstate smoking laws on terraces and include marijuana as it will be legalized. If not, then designated smoking areas for both items is a must-have for our festivals and our city as a whole. 

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