Montreal is home to a lot of amazing food. But no item of food is more iconic than poutine. And no festival represents Montreal's best poutines better than the official La Poutine Week.

If you're a fan of Montreal poutine, you will be happy to know that La Poutine Week is coming back to Montreal this year, and it looks like it's going to be bigger and better than ever! 

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TL;DR La Poutine Week is coming back to Montreal — and Canada — for 2019! It will run from February 1st-7th. Participating restaurants will be announced late January.

The dates have been officially announced! Poutine Week will be running across Montreal at participating restaurants from Febraury 1st-7th.

I love how poutine week falls at a time of year where we deperately need and crave greasy comfort food. Like this mouth-watering creation below. YUM.

@lapoutineweekembedded via  

Also, for those of you outside Quebec and Montreal who absolutely love poutine — because let's be real, poutine-love knows no boudaries or borders — La Poutine Week has made its way to some major cities and regions across Canada.

For example, there's a La Poutine Week in Saskaton, Calgary, Quebec City, and B.C! 

Each region and city that hosts a La Poutine Week will have its own list of participating restaurants, which are anticipated to be revealed in late January.

If you're hyped about La Poutine Week, you should follow them on Instagram or click 'attend' on the Facebook event page of your city to stay tuned to all the poutine news.

Everything you need to know:

What: La Poutine Week 2019!
When: February 1-7
Where: Participating restaurants


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