The holiday season can be a difficult time of the year for many. Employees are under pressure to meet their yearly goals, consumers have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on gifts for their friends and family, and everything seems to suddenly get more expensive.

All of that, of course, becomes far more difficult if you no longer have a job. Now imagine finding out you've lost your job at your company Chistmas party.

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TL;DR When the owner of Buffert sportif le Sieur realized he would have to close up shop, he took the opportunity to let his staff know when they were all together in one place — at the company Chistmas party. 

For some businesses, the end of the year, the fourth quarter as it's called, can be a time of fiscal difficulties. Such was the case for Buffet sportif le Sieur in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. After learning that the restaurant would not survive harsh competition, owner Dominique Ethier made the unfortunate decision to close.

As a result, fifty employees would lose their jobs.

The Chistmas party was this past Sunday and the employees were told that unfortunately, the restaurant would close at the beginning of January.

However, the news got worse when in fact the closure was expedited and the restaurant closed ahead of schedule, according to TVA.

Ethier chalks up the tough competition to the stronghold that downtown Trois-Rivieres has on tourists and tourism dollars. He estimated his losses at around $700,000 since opening the restaurant. 

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Buffet le Sieur specialized in beers on tap, sports on the screens, and plenty of options for your plate including sushi, pizza, Canadian, and Chinese cuisines.

The owner of the building, Jean-Marc Lavoie is also impacted, as he must now find new tenants who are eager to open a restaurant in the space. This will likely be difficult to do with such a negative outcome for the previous tenants. 

There are no updates on their Facebook or website, but we wish the best to each of the employees that have to deal with this loss at such an unfortunate time of year, as well as to Lavoie and Ethier who are likely entering this holiday season with a little more stress than they hoped to.



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