Show of hands: who here loves checking out museums?

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Okay, maybe that was a dumb question. Literally everyone loves checking out museums. They're entertaining, fun, and you learn a whole lot, too.

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In fact, the only downside about museums might be the price (for some people); and if it is for you, then I've got some great news.

Entrance to many Montreal museums will be free this year on Montreal Museum Day: Sunday, May 28.

Hosted by MTL Museums, the official program isn't out yet.

But last year's event featured free entrance to the Biodome, Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts, Planetarium, and more.

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Plus, this year's event is going to be extra special for Montreal's 375th anniversary. So you know there's some super cool surprises in store.

For more information and updates, check out Montreal Museum's website.

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