Anyone who's had the displeasure of driving around the lower stretches of the Plateau around Saint Denis street has certainly met mass amounts of frustration.

Why? Because this is Montreal, and seemingly never-ending roadwork have forced certain streets to be completely shut off from traffic, thus making a short drive around the area as nerve wracking as a journey through a minotaur inhabited labyrinth.

And I know from experience. Just getting a cab/Uber to go from around Saint Laurent to eastwards of Saint Denis street is the ultimate struggle, with oh-so-many roadwork blockades forcing alternative routes/meandering around different streets, the fare meter ticking away the entire time.

But fortunately, there is some mild respite to be found, at least for those of y'all who drive a car. Should you be heading to the Plateau-area around Saint Denis street the driving situation won't be as bad as it could be, as free parking zones are now being offered.

As outlined in the tweet below, while the roadwork around St. Denis street is being completed, designated 2-hour parking areas will be free. Check out the map below and hopefully it will assuage any anger you experience when you realize Rachel and Saint Denis is completely shut down from traffic.

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