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French Ranked #1 Most Sexy Accent In Canada

By far the most attractive language in the world.

Yesterday a study came out that said Canadian women think that language skills are more impressive than a 6-pack.

The study was done by Babbel in collaboration with Elite Singles, but when they were gathering their stats they noticed a few other interesting trends:

  • 82% of people find the ability to speak another language attractive

  • 80% of Canadians would use their language skills to impress a date

  • and French has been named the #1 most loved language and accent in Canada!

And it's not just in Canada. According to some other surveys, French has been named the sexiest language in the world.

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However, as we all know, there are many different French accents out there. Luckily we also found a video that attempted to find out which is sexier the french accent or the Quebecois accent.

The results may surprise you:

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