Apple announced their upcoming software update at their annual Developer’s conference a couple weeks back, and it’s pretty sexy. The update doesn’t come out until the fall, but we’re here to give you a little hands-on of the best features you can expect to see on your iPhone, iPod and iPads in a few months.

You Can Hide Newsstand

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not too big on digital downloads of newspapers and magazines. Because of that, and Apple’s resilience to force their apps down my throat, we’ve had to deal with having their newsstand app on our device’s homescreen for the past few years. WELL NOT ANYMORE! iOS 7 allows you to pop that crap app into a folder. Out of sight, out of mind.

“Pull Up” Menu

iOS 7 is going to make everyone’s lives a bit easier with a new toolbar pull-up menu. This means quick access to things like wi-fi, Bluetooth, brightness and volume controls. But the greatest implementation is the menu’s bottom row which sports access to the camera, calculator, Alarm Clock and NOW FEATURING A FLASHLIGHT! It’s amazing what such a small addition can do in terms of making life just a bit easier.

Newly Designed… Well Everything!

The update is Apples biggest aesthetic change since… well, ever! And it looks spectacular. The core iOS apps (like Calendar, Messages, Contacts, etc.) have a flatter, minimalist design, both in-application and on the homescreen. Apple has also started using dynamic wallpapers and a “3D” quality by using your device’s gyroscopic bearings to add a sense of depth.

Keep in mind that the version we tried is still in beta, meaning it’s not what the consumer will see come fall. But so far, I have to give credit where credit is due: iOS 7 is looking sexy as all hell.

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