Giant Prehistoric Beaver The Size Of A Bear Found In Canada

Why does this thing exist?

It's the kind of thing that you thought was only possible in nightmares but this is no joke. 

Part of a beaver skull was recently discovered in Canada. But this isn't just any beaver. This was a giant prehistoric beaver as large as a freakin' bear!

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These giant beavers  roamed North America during the ice age. They could grow as large as 2.2 m (7.2 ft). And in case you have a hard time picturing that, here's a diagram:

Via prehistoric-wildlife

And yes, these things did build dams. Can you imagine one of these things biting though a tree? 

Part of me still doesn't want to believe this thing was real. It's like somehting you'd hear in a bad "Canadian stereotype joke". I heard in Canada they all live in igloos, drink maple syrup and they on the backs ride giant beaver to war. 

This was part of the skull they found compared to a normal sized beaver. 

Via winnipegfreepress

This is only the 4th specimen to ever be found in Canada 


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