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Good News, These Are The Days Where It WON'T Rain In Montreal

Yes, they do exist.

Normally a big part of my job involves writing about the weather. But lately there hasn't been anything worth writing about. 

There's no spectacular weather ahead, no heat records to beat, and there are barely any days that don't include rain. 

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Last week the Weather Network forecast called for 7 straight of rain and so far we're 5 for 5!       

So since sunny are so rare, we decided to take a look ahead at the weather for the next 2 weeks to see the days when it WON'T rain.          

Via theweathernetwork

  • Tuesday 18

  • Saturday 22

  • Tuesday 25

  • Wednesday 26

  • Thursday - 27

  • Friday - 28

  • Saturday - 29 

So the next two weeks look pretty good considering how bad it has been lately. 7 out of 14 days will be rain free! I know it's pathetic to be this excited about a 50% rate of sunshine during the summer, but at this point I'm too sun starved to care. 


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