Tech has completely taken over daily life in the last fifteen years.

When mega corporations like Apple, Google, or Facebook release a new device, feature, or app, it becomes a worldwide phenomenon that dominates headlines.

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Just think about how people camp outside Apple stores in anticipation of the release of a new iPhone.

The Cult of Tech has become the driving force behind our cultural production.

That allegiance has given enormous power to corporations in Silicon Valley. Those companies influence everything from geopolitics to how the average person spends their leisure time.

Silicon Valley companies could even pose a security threat. Their patrons voluntarily store personal and sensitive information in their services.

Almost everyone has had the experience of searching for an item on Amazon only to find that Facebook or Instagram is targeting you for ads for the very same product.

Other conspiracy theorists have postulated that Google even engages in a campaign to track its users movements without their permission. Those fears have been largely dismissed.

Until now.

A new report confirms that Google apps record users' locations even when those users deny automatic requests to "share your location."

When a user opens a Google app or site, that feature will immediately save your location.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the best way to inhibit Google's ability to do so would be to turn off a share feature entitled "web and app activity."

Many have questioned Google's motives behind the tracking software. It is unclear whether the feature is meant to collect data on users' activities or to better customize advertisements.

But on thing is certain: if this data is not secure, it could become an enormous internationl security risk.  



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