Downtown Montreal H&M Is Having A $7 On Clothes Spring Sale

Look fresh AF this spring.

Well, friends, as we're all well-aware, it's finally spring.

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Which means that it's time to kiss your bulky winter clothes goodbye and spring (hah?) into a brand new wardrobe!

One retailer in particular knows the struggle of finding good clothes at affordable prices, and has decided to bless us all with a springtime sale.

H&M Canada is offering up clothing deals starting from $7, both online and in their stores.

If you are going in-store in Montreal, though, make sure to go to the one in the downtown core, closer to Place Des Arts (450 Saint-Catherine St W). We know for sure that one's got the $7 sale; the one closer to Peel (1100 Saint-Catherine St W) is still advertising a sale, but it seems to be $10 and up. 

So, friends, go ahead. Stock up on springtime skinny jeans and blouses. They're on sale, and you deserve it. 

For more information, check out H&M's website right here.

Miranda Cipolla Miranda was born and raised in Montreal, and has spent all of her free time exploring the city she loves so much. Her interests include tequila, food, and overusing the word “bae”. You can follow her adventures on Instagram (@ciaomiranda12) and Facebook.