Yesterday evening Canadians and people across North America welcomed a harvest moon. The unique phenomenon arrives in our skies each year during the autumn equinox, officially announcing that the new season has begun and the weather is about to change.

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TL;DR A harvest moon was visible over Canada and the rest of North America last evening during the autumn equinox. For those that missed the event they can take a look at some of the best photos from yesterday evening. For the rest of the week Canadians will be able to point out an illusion of several moons in the night sky, a longer-lasting effect of the equinox.

Not only that, but the moon looked pretty incredible too. A harvest moon looks intensely larger than a regular moon you'd see on any given night, especially right after sunset when the moon is on the horizon and boasts its gorgeous orange and red tints. 

Via David Howell

In Canada the giant "sky pumpkin" was only visible last night, while other countries across the world will get a chance to admire the "blood" moon this evening. 

In case you did happen to miss your chance to witness the annual celestial event, not to worry. Luckily there have been quite a few photos shared from last night, and they're pretty amazing.

Via Graham Dash | Flickr

Via Great Sand Dunes National Park | Flickr

@thefamilyoutdoorsmanembedded via  

Via Cody Clark | Flickr

Via Steve Thamer

To make things even better, not only did we get a "jack-o-lantern" moon last night, but for the rest of the week Canadians will be able to see an illusion across the night sky that makes it look like we have several moons scattered around all at once. It seriously can't get better than this!

Stay tuned for Canada's next celestial event.

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