Hold On To Your Butts, Montreal To Be Hit By 15cm Snowstorm

This is seriously going to suck.

According to The Gazette, Montreal is about to get hit with yet another winter storm.

Yes, another one. As if the frigid temperatures weren't shitty enough, we're going to have another big-ass pile of snow to deal with.

And if you thought you had a day or two to prepare yourself, think again.

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The snow is supposed to start falling later today, in the afternoon. When it's all done, we'll have up to 15cm of snow on the ground, as well as violent wind gusts just to make you a little more miserable.

Luckily, if we make it through today we're in the clear. The rest of the week is supposed to be warm, really warm, like 5°C warm.

gggg Photo cred - WeatherNetwork

It is just me or has the weather been especially weird lately? Who knows, maybe it'll stay weird and the snow will simply decide not to show up.


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