When the Prime Minister Tweets about something serious and related to actual politics, his Tweets get a fair amount of engagement, especially if it's a contraversial topic like legalization. 

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TL;DR Yesterday, Trudeau Tweeted a photo of his family dressed up for Halloween. The photo receieved 21K likes and hundred of comments. And unlike some of his other Tweets – which tend to get more negative attention – this one receieved a mix bag of hilarious comments from his followers.

However, when Trudeau Tweets something touching about his personal life, or about his family, all of a sudden engagement sky rockets.

Such was the case when Trudeau posted a photo of his family all dressed up and ready to trick-or-treat outside their Montreal home.

The Tweet got 21K likes and almost 1K comments! Compared to Trudeau's Tweet about a historic new law regarding pay equity for men and women, which surprisingly received an unremarkable 2.4K likes. 

Usually, Trudeau's gang of followers are rubbing their hands together ready with incendiary comments, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce.  

This Tweet, however, received a mixed bag of replies. Some shots we're fired – as usual – but many people also expressed kind and very Canadian good wishes and sentiments.

First off, some replies aimed at Trudeau were kind of harsh. 

But many are actually sweet and kind, like these ones.

And some are just plain funny.

In the end, whichever side you're on, you can't fault the PM for being a good dad and taking his family out on Halloween.


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