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Hurricane Chris Is On Track To Hit Canada

This can't be good.

We're not even halfway through July and already Canada has had a summer packed with meteorological events like never before.

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Last week a deadly heat wave across eastern Canada broke all-time temperature records and killed over fifty people in Quebec. The resulting dryness has led to a high fire risk across the province. For some forest fires, officials have requested assistance from American authorities, who responded by sending hundreds of firefighters across the border.

Well now it seems those fires won't last too long. Tropical storm Chris, which has been gathering strengh on the U.S. Eastern seaboard, has just achieved hurricane status. What's more, it's on track to hit Atlantic Canada.

According to the Weather Network, Chris will set course for the Maritimes by late this week. Because hurricanes are unpredictable, of course, the exact time and location of Chris' first landing in Canada is still unknown.

The last major hurricane to hit Canada was Matthew in 2016. But in 2012, Hurricane Sandy brought major rain and snow storms to a huge swath of Canada ranging from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

Hurricanes tend to be weaker once they reach Canada. That means that their once focalized force diffuses into sprawling storms.

Stay tuned for updates that are sure to come.



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