Hydro-Québec Is Sending Power To The United States For The Next 20 years

Lighting up our southern neighbour.

Hydro-Québec just won the largest and most lucrative deal in the history of the province-owned electric utilities corporation. 

For the next 20 years, Hydro-Québec will be exporting energy to Massachusetts, a deal that is expected to bring in $500 million in profit for Hydro-Québec ever year, reports the Huffington Post

Hydro-Québec already generated $2.86-billion in profits in 2017. 

The deal itself is being called the “Northern Pass Transmission project,” a joint collaboration between Hydro-Québec and New England-based energy provider Eversource. 

The project will involve 9.45 terawatt hours of electricity being sent from hydroelectric plants based in Quebec straight to Massachusetts.

Hydro-Québec beat out 40 other applicants for the contract, which will be signed in March. Exact details on how much money Hydro-Québec will make off of the Northern Pass Transmission project will be unveiled then. 

Canada’s National Energy Board still needs to approve the project. 

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