On highway 40 not far outside Repentigny, a driver captured some insane footage of a massive truck slamming into a low hanging overpass on the evening of April 4th.

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It seems like insane accidents like this are happening often on Quebec highways. As you know this is something we write about fairly often. You can see more crazy unbelievable stories of Montreal car accidents like this one and this one too.

It would appear that the driver didn't realize the container of his truck was elevated and the contents - which was apparently a type of grain - just exploded all over the highway in a quick flash.

Just imagine casually driving in the passing lanes minding your own business as a massive truck carrying thousand tons of grain explodes into smithereens. It's surprising that no other accidents were caused as a result of the shock of the explosion.

That said, The highway is currently closed in the East direction and the pedestrian walkway of the overpass as well.


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