It Snowed In Florida For The First Time In 30 Years And People Are Losing Their Minds (Videos)

Might be a sign of the apocalypse.

We're not the only ones seeing freaky winter weather this year. Yesterday in Tallahassee, Florida it actually snowed for the first time almost 30 years! 

Florida is also experiencing some of the coldest temperatures thieve seen in over a century. 

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Of course it was only about 0.1 inches of snow that fell in total, which would barely be noticeable here. But in Florida it's enough to send people into a panic. 

The dogs lost their minds, children were freaking out, and adults, well they were mostly angry at all the traffic delays. 

The national weather service even had to "urge caution" for drivers because the driving conditions were considered to be dangerous. Sounds insane considering we have people who ride unicycles to work during snowstorms.  

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