Photo cred - appaIoosa

Cheer up Montreal winter is almost over, you've been suffering long enough and you seriously deserve a break. We may have been freezing our asses off this morning but the good news is that the temperatures are going to be rising all day until we reach -2 this afternoon. On top of that, today is going to be the coldest day for at least the next two weeks. The rest of the week is going to be warm too except for Sunday and then we'll be enjoying temperatures above 0 for all of next week.

Finally we'll be able to hear the weather forecast without hearing the word minus. Fuck minus! And fuck that dirty patch of ice outside my door that contains more dirt and cigarette butts than actual ice. Return from whence you came! Now we have a new set of problems to look forward to, like all those dog turds that haven't been picked up all winter that will slowly be thawing out and giving the city it's distinct aroma. I love you Montreal, don't ever change.

Photo cred - meteomedia

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