Little known fact about me: I actually love the Gorillaz. 

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I think the whole concept of the "virtual reality band" is super cool. Plus, I dig the music.

And if you're a Gorillaz fan, then I've got some great news for you!

The Gorillaz are going on tour this year; and, as part of their 2017 Gorillaz Humanz Tour, they're going to be coming to Canada.

They'll be coming to Quebec City on July 15, as part of the Festival D'été de Québec. Quebec is one of two Canadian stops on their tour; the other is the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on July 10.

Tickets to see the Gorillaz at the Quebec City Summer Festival are going for $95 as part of the festival's Laissez-Passer tickets. You can pick them up right here.

Sounds like the most fun news, ever? Then check out the Festival D'été de Québec website for more information.

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