It's Official, Montreal Ranked #1 Best Student City In The World

Pride level: 514.

Well, friends, we've all known for years that Montreal is pretty much a haven for students.

Other than there being tons of awesome schools in the city, there's also affordable rent, an awesome party scene, and enough cafes to study at a different spot every day for a whole semester. (But don't quote me on that.)

And now, an outside source has confirmed what we already kind of knew: Montreal is the best city in the world for students.

According to, Montreal is ranked #1 in terms of best cities for students.

They based their criteria on overall affordability, desirability, and employer activity. Montreal ranked first in all of these categories.

Coming in second was Paris, third was London, and Seoul was fourth. Toronto made the list too, ranking 11th.

Yasss, Montreal. Yassss.

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