P!NK is a driving force in pop music today. 

When she released Beautiful Trauma, the record climbed to the top of the charts almost instantly. Then she announced her tour. 

Once the official Montreal concert date for P!NK went on sale, it sold-out in minutes and fans got so upset! 

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Unfortunately, P!NK had to cancel and reschedule her March show as the singer-songwriter and full on megastar was sick, and could not perform the show at the level she believed we deserved. 

Today, finally, evenko and P!NK have confirmed the rescheduled date, and it's coming up but not until 2019. I got a little too excited and missed the fact that its a whole year away!

P!NK has had an amazing year chalked full of accolades and awards, and for good reason. This woman is a superstar on the stage and delivers a high energy show that is unmatched by any popstar today. 

It's no secret that the singer is a high-flyer. Her shows are packed full of fireworks, acrobatics and so much more. 

Also worth noting, the singer does not and never will lip-synch during her performances. 

Here's what you need to know about the rescheduled Montreal P!NK concert.

What? P!NK - The Beautiful Trauma Tour

When? May 17th, 2019 - doors at 6:30 PM. Show at 8:00 PM

Where? Bell Centre 

Also, the most exciting part of this is that due to the canceled show date, evenko has just released a big handful of tickets!

Yes, you read that right. P!NK's Beautiful Trauma Tour is no longer sold-out for the Montreal date. 

If you missed your chance to grab tickets before, the time is now! 

Act fast, they will not stay around long, I guarantee. 

Find available tickets right here. 

Follow the Facebook event page right here.

Welcome back, P!NK! 

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