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It's Official: Quebec Says "No" To $15 An Hour Minimum Wage

Why can't we have nice things here?

About 220,000 people live on minimum wage in Quebec, but that didn't stop the government from rejecting the proposition to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

Minimum wage will likely go up this year (Although we are still awaiting the official confirmation) but the government says they are opting for gradual increases rather than jumping to $15 right away. 

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Last January minimum wage was increased by 50 cents to $11.25 an hour. It's supposed to go up another 50 cents this year, and another 35 cents in 2019.

As it stands a person making $11,25 an hour makes a little over $20,00 a year, but if the increase did go into effect their salary would jump by almost $7,000 a year. 

According to Journal de Montreal, the $15 increase was rejected because its believed such a sudden change would hurt small and medium businesses because they wouldn't be able to afford it. 


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