Photo cred - ETCanada

A very interesting tennis match took place on Tuesday (March 10th) during the 11th edition of the Dessert Smash tennis tournament. The event is a charity tournament meant to provide scholarships for students diagnosed with cancer. Organizer Will Ferrell acted a judge for a match between Kevin Hart, Justin Bieber and Eugenie Bouchard.

Kevin proudly cheered himself on during the match, shouting: "Yeah Kevin!" after his successful serve. He also made fun of Justin for being a prima donna, yelling "My name is Justin Bieber, I need a water break" in a baby voice.

Will Ferrell also offered some commentary claiming that Kevin had the "heart" of a champion and that "it's not a big heart, it's a tiny little 5'3 heart"

Eugenie got to fulfill a dream of hers during the match. At last year's Australian Open, Eugenie was asked if she could date any celebrity in the world, who would it be. The young Montreal tennis star answered: "Justin Bieber, so Justin if you're watching (um...) hey!"


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