Everything You Need To Know About The Gay Pride Flag Being Raised Over "Canada" For The First Time

Rainbows make the country go round.

Pride Month has begun, and to commemorate the occasion Justin Trudeau has done what is a first for any Prime Minister: Trudeau flew the rainbow-coloured Pride flag on Parliament Hill.

A symbol of hope and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community, Trudeau raised the Pride flag yesterday afternoon, and on a special pole specifically for the occasion, no less.

This is the first time this has ever occurred in Canada, with Trudeau also set to make history when he attends the nation's various Pride parades in the weeks to come.

But while Trudeau and the Liberal Party are getting the most publicity from the Pride flag's raising, it's important to note that an array of MPs from different political parties were in attendance. Canada has never seemed so unified in establishing equality for all citizens, no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation.

Trudeau was certain to point out, however, that "we still have more work to do," an obvious nod to the government's plan to pass a transgender rights bill, another first for the nation.

And for anyone unaware as to what "Pride Month" is, don't worry, I'm gay and was right there with you. Apparently, Toronto is expanding their one-week celebration of all things queer into a month-long celebration succinctly titled "Pride Month," the first Canadian city to ever do so.

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