Laval's transit system might just be one step ahead of Montreal's. 

There's nothing worse than waiting for a bus, only to realize you don't have your OPUS card, or that you forgot to refill it. When that happens, there's pretty much nothing you can do about it, because these days no one walks around with $3,25 in change. 

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Well, the people in Laval won't have to deal with that problem ever again because the STL are about to roll out a new credit card payment system.

That means the next time you get stuck without a bus pass, you can just scan your credit card instead. 

This is amazing, especially for people who just want to take the bus once in awhile, but don't feel like carrying 3,25 in change wherever they go. Now you'll never need to think ahead, you can just hop on the bus at any time, pay for a single fair, and be on your way. 

This seriously needs to come to Montreal ASAP, so please STM, make this happen!

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