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Video Showing Man Severely Tasered By Police In Front Of A Tim Hortons

That escalated quickly.

When you head over to Tim Hortons, you figure the worst thing you might encounter is a long line-up at the drive through. 

You probably wouldn't expect to find yourself in the middle of a police standoff. 

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A woman from Winnipeg named Monica Madonick posted a video on Facebook of exactly that, and it's getting a lot of attention. 

In the video, Madonick is sitting in her car in front of a Tim Hortons when 2 cops walk up to a man with their guns drawn.

Apparently the man looked like he was concealing a shotgun in his jacket.

You can hear the officers asking the man to take his hand out of his pocket and to put his hands up, otherwise he might get shot. 

But instead of complying, the man just keep repeating "gimme two minutes".

He eventually takes his hand out to show he's not holding anything, but refuses to put his hand on his head so the cops decided to deploy the taser. 

It turns out the "shotgun" was actually just metal pipe strapped to a piece of wood. The man had been using it to threaten the employees from two different nearby businesses.  

He is being charged with causing a disturbance, possessing a weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, and probation violation.


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