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Meghan Markle's Dad Thinks He's A Kidnapping Target For Mexican Gangs

Paranoid, or realistic?

Meghan Markle's dad is just as much a target of media attention as the Duchess herself.

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Thomas Markle's very un-royal lifestyle and the nature of his relationship with the Duchess has made him a target for tabloid savagery. 

Thomas Markle even confessed to colluding with paparazzi and staging photos in order to make a buck. In other words, he's taking advantage of his daughter's royal status to swindle a few dollars. Classy.

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It's no wonder – then, that Meghan Markle's relationship with her father is currently in a less-than-favorable condition, despite his failing health. 

According to a source, Thomas Markle is now terrified that, due to his association with the Royal Family, he is a prime target for kidnapping by Mexican criminal gangs.

His retirement community is located in the seaside resort of San Antonio Del Mar.  This is only 13 miles south of the border city of Tijuana; a place notorious for kidnappings and murders. 

Thomas' worries aren't totally unfounded.

The political climate in Mexico could not be tenser, and the country is currently facing record levels of violence. Even Time Magazine called it "The Bloodiest Year In Modern History."

This May 2018, alone, in Mexico someone was killed every 15 minutes. 

That said, Thomas Markle is resorting to staying on the go and is not staying put in his retirement home. 

He is currently leading a semi-nomadic life; checking in and out of small local motels around the region, attempting to elude Mexican criminal gangs.

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Of course, Meghan Markle has not stepped in to help her father. She is vehemently avoiding any contact with him, but how long can this possibly go on?


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