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Mia Khalifa Spotted Hanging Out In Montreal (Photos)

Yes, THAT Mia Khalifa.

If you're out in Montreal today then you might just be lucky enough to run into the infamous Mia Khalifa.

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Yes, THAT Mia Khalifa.

The Lebanese-born social media personality and "webcam model" has been having herself a little vacation in Montreal.

@miakhalifaembedded via  

She's been spotted hanging out at Montreal's Rustique Pie Kitchen 

@miakhalifaembedded via  

And here she is at Toi Moi & Cafe.

@miakhalifaembedded via  

In case you're still not 100% sure who she is, or if you're just pretending you don't know because your girlfriend is sitting next to you. Allow me to refresh your memory. 

A couple of years ago, Drake was apparently obsessed with Mia Khalifa back when she had a slightly different career. Drake was trying to send her some DMs on Instagram and he supposedly also tried to send her some pretty revealing photos. 


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